Bill Lerner’s Foundation for Providing Footwear to Poor Children

Doing an act of charity would help a number of people across the world. These people might be dire need of necessities, which they are unable to acquire on their own. Therefore, they are forced to live in poor health conditions. What can you do to help them live a healthy lifestyle? You could help the poor and destitute people across the world with their needs and requirements. A number of charitable organizations have been working for the needs of the people.

Going on similar lines, Billy Lerner started a foundation in 2013. The foundation aimed to provide adequate footwear for poor children across the globe. After two years, the foundation had provided approximately 4000 pairs of shoes for poor children worldwide. The foundation looks forward to do more for the destitute children in the coming years. The aim for providing adequate footwear is to protect the children from parasitic diseases.